Problem of the educator’s new media anxiety…

Part of my final for this Com 6910 class has to do with the problem of the educator’s anxiety when it comes to the use of media/technology in the classroom. As far as teacher’s anxiety with new media is concerned, the basic conclusion to this issue stems from generational gaps.

The problem of educators and their hesitation of the integration of new media has to do with the fact that unlike millennialist (Which make up a majority of college students today), they themselves were not brought up in the educational system with all the technological luxuries that are available today: they learned differently- were pretty much taught to synthesize information logically  rather than referring to Wikipedia or simply googling something off the internet in order to do research on it.

A solution to this problem is that marriage of the two schools of thought: A synthesis of technology in the classroom as well as reasoning and logical methods of the traditional lecture. One few suggestions* that I can offer in order to make this happen and to help relieve stresses that teachers may feel in regards to being leery about the merging of technology in the classroom is conveyed as follows:

  • Teacher Training- studies have shown that educators who utilize a mentor system or asks students who are more computer literate than they are to assist them in the classrooms are more likely to have a boost of confidence so to speak in the classroom (BNET, 2004)
  • Improved school budgets in order to install better software/equipment in general
  • Attitude/paradigm shifts

*These suggestions are provided by:

Educators Anxiety

Another suggestion that is useful for this technology anxiety issue is this:

The intermingling of games such as Civilization and World of Warcraft in order to teach civilization courses on the aspects of peoples like Aztecs, Romans, and Mongols

Media Merging


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