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Top Five Foods/Places to Eat on Oahu, Hawaii

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Aloha! 🙂

After last week’s interesting class about Hawaii Magazine and on reading the Hawaii Magazine website a bit, our guest speaker inspired me to construct my own top five list on foods to eat and where to eat good grinds on Oahu. I love to eat (okay, let’s face it– who doesn’t ??!)!  Feel free to try anything on the menu at these restaurants listed below.

#5: Hole in the Wall Fried Rice

Downtown Honolulu, Hawaii


If you’re like me and like to eat good, greasy Hawaiian grinds for breakfast, then you’ll LOVE the fried rice at Hole in the Wall. Located on the Hawaii Pacific University  downtown campus (Fort Street Mall), Hole in the wall is one of those restaurants that serves up good comfort type fast food; a lot of HPU students go and grab stuff like French fries, ramen, and cheeseburgers to munch on as they hang out at the Sea Warrior Center that the restaurant is adjacent to. A good amount of nearby business workers stop in on their lunch breaks as well. The mentionable item on the menu is fried rice, served up with eggs (any style of your choice), and meat if you like (My personal favorite is Portuguese sausage). So Ono!!

#4: Cholos Homestyle Mexican Restaurant

North Shore,  Hawaii

You fancy spicy, authentic Mexican food?? Take a trip out to the North Shore Marketplace! Located in Halewia, Hawaii, the North Shore is a beautiful part of this island that honestly I feel like I should spend more time in. The North Shore is home to numerous attractions like the Polynesian Cultural Center, horse ranches, and pretty much the BIGGEST waves you’ll find on this island of Oahu. Cholos is infamous for their Margaritas as well as their genuine Mexican food. When I ate there, I enjoyed their cheese quesadillas. The fried beans are delicious as well.


#3: Mocha Java Cafe

Ward Entertainment Center

Honolulu, Hawaii

The vibes at Mocha Java Cafe are like non other! Everyone who comes in this cafe is treated like family and greeted with a warm smile. The grinds one can order from Mocha Java range from authentic, organic coffee, acai bowls, omelettes, and the infamous loco moco. They even serve up scrumptious pastries (my personal favorite: scones!). What is attractive about this particular restaurant is that it caters to vegetarians and those who are health-wise: they offer healthy alternatives such as brown rice and wheat bread.

# 2: Bucca de Beppos

Ward Entertainment Center

Honolulu, Hawaii

Bucca’s is an authentic Italian restaurant at Ward Entertainment Center (Below Ward Theaters and Dave & Busters). It is very animated, colorful and full of vintage Italian photographs and pictures of celebrities (Danny Devito and many others) eating at the restaurant. Similar to Mocha Java Cafe, Bucca’s has a strong family like atmosphere; all the members of staff are extremely friendly! A popular item on the menu here at Buccas is Chicken Parmesan. Crispy chicken cooked with zesty marinara sauce and parmesan cheese (ohh, my mouth is watering even as I type this!!) served over a bed of a hearty serving of even more marinara sauce and buttery spaghetti. Moltzo deliziosco!








#1: Blue Hawaii Lifestyle

Honolulu, Hawaii

Blue Hawaii Lifestyle (Located by Remington College in Downtown, Honolulu as well as at Ala Moana Shopping Center) is infamous for their healthy foods- especially their delicious acai cups/bowls. Their variations of acai cups range from lemi fresh (acai topped with a hint of lime) and the dessert (whipped cream on top).  They also serve mouthwatering grilled panini sandwiches, and awesome organic coffee/ tea.