Project #4: Social Media’s Epic Failure in Predicting Grammy Winners…

     I chose to do a case study on the results of this year’s Grammy Awards. I came across a couple of interesting articles describing what happened during the Grammys last week, but the following account stems around a failure on the part of a major Social Media Montoring Firm known as Meltwater. Their error lies in the fact that half of the favorite recording artists that they mentioned/ predicted will win did not  actually win a Grammy:

An account of this prediction is decribed in the following:

Meltwater’s analysis has Justin Bieber overwhelmingly winning Best New Artist. Since I’ve heard almost nothing recently except things about Bieber, that sounds about right. Album of the Year is a closer call, with rapper Eminem’s Recovery edging out bad girl Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. And how could a song named “F**k You” not win? The social media meme is that Cee Lo Green’s touching ballad about lost love will win the coveted Record of the Year, per Meltwater’s analysis.

(Update): Sadly, none of the Meltwater favorites won. Esperanza Spalding — with a tiny fraction of Bieber’s buzz — was named Best New Artist. Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” was named Album of the Year, in a much closer pack. Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” was named Record of the Year, and wasn’t even on the top five.

The company does this for a living, so it likes to strut its stuff on things that anyone can identify with so as to increase the odds that paying customers like brands will sign up to keep a watchful eye on how the social web, where fires start quickly and aren’t easily put out.  ( .

Another website that I stumbled upon ( describes this epic failure and includes various feedback  as well.

Just for kicks and giggles/ in case anyone missed the Grammys, I’ve included an ACCURATE list of those who actually WON an award:


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