Lesson learned from Com 6910…

This Communications Convergence class has been interesting thus far; even from reading some of the fascinating  posts that my classmates have posted on our  facebook page, there is much to consider in the realm of media and social networking.

One thing that I feel that is deemed interesting and worthy of sharing is some information that Mary from Anthology Marketing shared with us a couple of weeks ago. Out of the many topics that she discussed that day, the topic of creating a personal brand (personal website) was mentioned. In creating a personal brand, it is essential to remember the following:

  • Outcome
  • Behavior
  • Influence

Other elements mentioned in regards to building an interesting site/ creating a brand include:

  • Keep your target in mind
  • Design and write for the end user
  • Clarity- where should the eyes go? What is it that you want the readers or your page to do?
  • Balance- mix things up a little
  • Personality- how is your page different than others?
  • Engagement- optimize/ make changes
  • Relevancy- it has to appeal to an audience

    Under these three important aspects are the topics of reach, proximity, expertise, relevance, credibility, and trust.

    All this said, if one were to create an interactive website, it is crucial that it be just that: INTERACTIVE and most importantly INTERESTING. No one wants to read a boring/ ineffective page.

    Mary mentioned a funny website called http://www.websitesthatsuck.com

    I actually went to this horrible website and stumbled upon the “worst websites of 2010” link- I pasted it below:



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