Google Reader

Honestly,  I was indecisive  and a little confused about which topic to write about for this week’s assignment (hence the late post), so I decided to discuss Google Reader – a venue of communication that allow us to converge all of our media into one place and then share it with others via internet posts, e-mail, or text.

Google Reader

On reading about this way of communication, I found it to be interesting. I personally have a google/gmail account and never really looked into this venue until tonight. Basically, this is an igoogle application. It allows users to carry out the following:

Keep tabs on your favorite websites

Google Reader serves as a giant bookmarker to save sites frequently visited or that one would like to find easily.

Share websites with friends

Title pretty much says it all- Google reader makes it easy to send websites to friends with simple click. This section of Google also functions as a blog, since it allows individuals to post their recently posted media in a blog like fashion and customize it with pictures/ images.

Portable  and Convenient

Google Reader can be accessed anywhere. One can gain access to it on an phone while riding on the bus, an ipad, computer, or pretty much any gadget that can connect to the internet.


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