My Communication Style…

So, in last week’s communication convergence class, we talked a little bit about communication styles and how one would communicate with their friends  whether is is via facebook, test messaging, phone, and what not. Professor Heckthorn also asked about our take on voice mail (Which I thought was a striking discussion that brought up very interesting opinions).  The following is my take on mutiple issues regarding communication styles:

1. Who do I talk to on Facebook and how do I talk to them?

Generally, I talk to my friends from church and school (HPU) on my facebook account, but on occasion, I will connect with individuals I attended high school with. Honestly, it can be kind of akward talking to those indiviuals that I attended high school/ middle/elmentary school with; what do you talk about?? Usually with them it is just small talk like “Omg…its been a really long time since we’ve talked- how have you been?” Or if theygraduate from college/ get engaged/married/ have a baby it’s like: “Congrats!” and that’s pretty much it. This could go the same way with those I attended my undergraduate college with; there’s only so much that I feel like I can discuss with them until its like “yeah, this is kinda weird, I haven’t seen you in two years and I don’t have anything to say to you” type thing.

Normally, with my friends here in Hawaii, I will go to their page and say hello, type a joke on their page,  or ask if they wanna chill during the weekend and what not. I usually just text them rather than contact them via facebook unless I feel the need to send them a message.

Another thing about facebook…

if someone that I DO NOT KNOW asks me to be friends with them, I will accept them on the condition that I actually REMEMBER meeting them!  I seriously CANNOT STAND IT when creepers come and request to be my friend, in fact, I have private settings up on my page so that it makes it difficult for people who are not in my networks (Hawaii Pacific University and Nyack College) to find me in the first place.

2. Who do I call/ text?

Texting is pretty much universal- I text all my friends; all the time (unless I’m in class, working, or sleeping- haha). I love to text.

Frankly, though (and I’m pretty sure this is a common occurrance among a lot of people), it does urk me when complete strangers or unrecognizable phone numbers text me. Most of the time I don’t answer, but sometimes I reply back with “who is this?” …depends on my mood.

Phone calls are the same as mentioned above, but mainly I call my really close church friends, parents, and some family back home. If a number calls me that I don’t recognize, 9 times out of 10, I will answer it, however there are times when it is some obscure mainland area code that seems off the wall to me, I will let the call go to voice mail. Speaking of voicemail- I HATE IT!! It is truly annoying; as soon as I hear the message, I delete it unless it is REALLY important. I’m not one to save voicemails.

3. For what purposes to I communicate?

I pretty much contact people just to say hello, for lengthy conversations about semi-serious, or serious life issues (mainly with family and close friends), or for business purposes. I am a caring and compassionate individual, so if I have a friend who is going through something, I will text/call them to check up on and see if they are okay.

Well, I guess that’s all she wrote for now! 😉


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